Business Digitization


Our Mission

The mission of the ManuDigit team is to increase the business efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME sector) by raising the level of digitalisation and introducing IT solutions.

We provide IT solutions to the enterprise clients and help them monitor and improve processes.


We want your help to make your business more efficient and effective.

System Development

We build customized softwares and systems to improve your business processes.

Industrial Digitizazion

We provide solutions for paperless administration and analysis of production and industrial processes.


Unique and modern web pages optimized for visitor experience and mobile devices.

IT Consultation

We help you start investing with consulting and consulting covering all areas of IT.

Training & Education

We provide wide range of opportunities to improve the IT skills of your colleagues.

Tender Support

We help to strengthen the financial background of the digitization and Industry 4.0 investments by writing tenders.

Process Improvement

Based on the analysis of the data collected during your business activity, we recommend process improvement solutions.

System Maintenance & Operation

Operation, maintenance and monitoring of our IT systems.


Why Manudigi?

We understand your needs

All company executives and project managers are all experienced and knowledgeable in industrial processes. We are also able to recognize and adapt to latent expectations.


Over the years, we have been empowered with the knowledge, experience and technology know-how we are happy to share with our customers.


We provide a comprehensive service in the areas of opportunity exploration, return on investment, access to grant resources, and implementation and implementation.


We always have multiple ideas to solve a problem. We provide unique answers to unique needs and challenges. We are not content with templates and compromises.


We love our job and are committed to high quality and our customers.

The Phases of the Digitization

Digitization is not an opportunity but an essential tool for competitiveness and survival.

Customer Needs

After an assessment of customer needs, we will make a system plan with our suggestions that will give you a complete picture of the future system and capabilities.



In an agile approach we deliver milestones and continuous results with key user involvement to reach customer satisfaction.



After the introduction and emplyee's training of the new system the processes will be more efficient in the new digital environment.


In the world of information technology, anything you can imagine can be realize as well to support your business activities.

The proliferation of digitization solutions and the advancement of technology in recent years enable all businesses, regardless of size, to profit from them.

Everything you can imagine is real

Pablo Picasso

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